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 Our Services Don't Stop Here!

At Plumb Krazy Plumbing we have partnered with Lift-Texas Construction to enhance the services we can provide. Check out some of the services they offer below!

Polyurethane Foam has been used for years to lift concrete, 

fill voids and stabilize foundations for years with great success

We know how difficult it is to find reliable professionals that have the know-how to work in a number of different fields. At Lift-Texas Construction, we provide extensive services that cover a large variety of operations. Browse through our industries of expertise and get in touch to receive a free estimate.​

Our fully licensed and insured professionals have helped countless clients discover the joy and benefits of working with Lift-Texas Construction. We’ll customize our services to complement the particular needs a project demands, committed to quality, efficiency, and saving our clients money in the long run.

Our main goal is to get the job done right, every single time. These kinds of projects can get a bit complicated, but having Lift-Texas Construction manage them makes it easier. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation as a trusted local business by combining efficient planning with the best management practices.

Fillfoam is an ideal product for small and large fill void projects. This was one of our projects where we used FillFoam when a fire riser collapsed in an industrial office building in Dallas.

If your seawall is failing we have just the solution. We use a deepfoam filled injection that is fast, permanent, requires no excavation and a cost effective alternative. The foam will fill voids, stabilizes the soil, and fills cracks!

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